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Fujitsu launches Wandant, a doggy health monitoring pendant

If you care enough about your dogs to buy them doggy jackets for the winter months, then perhaps you may also want to monitor the dog’s physical state.  Fujitsu has just launched the ‘Wandant’ dog pedometer, which monitors your dog’s various canine biological occurrences and outputs the data to your computer/phone in readable human language.

Just like any clever naming schemes, the Wandant is exactly what it’s named.  ‘Wan’ means ‘woof’ in Japanese, and ‘dant’ is derived from ‘pendant’.  Slam the two parts together and you have a ‘woof-pendant.’ 

The Wandant monitors conditions such as the dog’s temperature, how many steps it has taken, stool conditions, among others, and records the doggy-data for analysis via a graphical interface on a computer.

Fujitsu claims that the collected data will make it easier for owners to ‘understand’ their pets better, and that it enables ‘communication’ with man’s best friend.  This specialized doggy device is currently only targeted at Japanese consumers, and depending on how well it does in Japan the Wandant may drop on other markets.

Certainly, this isn’t the first pet-dedicated tech tool to come out of Japan, and it won’t be the last.  In 2002, a Japanese toy company by the name of Takara released something called a ‘BowLingual,’ which is a dog-to-human translator.  Although Takara explicitly claimed that the device was strictly for ‘entertainment purposes only,’ it helped the inventors gain some fame (Dr. Matsumi Suzuki and Dr. Norio Kogure) when they were awarded the the Ig Nobel Prize for ‘promoting harmony’ between species.

Oh, and who can forget the notorious dog washing machine.  (See the video above)

Regardless of how you feel about all these pet related techs, one thing is for sure…Japanese wants technological progress for themselves as well as their pets.

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