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Fujifilm X-T4 now packs IBIS

Vloggers and videographers rejoice – Fujifilm has finally brought over IBIS and a flip-out display to its X-T flagship series of mirrorless cameras. The Fujifilm X-T4 comes two years after the launch of its predecessor, bringing changes and upgrades big and small.

In-body image stabilisation on the X-T4

The highlight of them all? In-body image stabilisation, or IBIS. By moving the sensor to counteract movements, the X-T4 allows photographers to capture images at slower shutter speeds or in darker environments. Videographers will also be able to shoot handheld without the need for bulky gimbals or cumbersome tripods. All this – without the need for specific lenses that offer optical image stabilisation (OIS).

Austrian X Photographer Heinz Zak with the Fujifilm X-T4
Austrian X Photographer Heinz Zak with the X-T4. Image: Fujifilm

IBIS was previously implemented on the bulkier X-H1, although Fujifilm struggled with interface issues that made it difficult to conveniently switch between stills and video capture, unnatural stabilisation system that made footage jerky at times, along with autofocus that could look jarring.

If up to 6.5 stops of IBIS on the X-T4 is still insufficient, the camera will also allow you to add digital image stabilisation with a 10% crop. the Japanese camera manufacturer has gone above and beyond to include a flip-out articulating screen. Perfect for vloggers, the display has also been improved with a higher resolution of 1.62M dots from 1.04M.

X-T4 puts a bigger focus on video

Like the X-T3, the X-T4 is capable of capturing 4K video at 60fps and a bitrate of 400Mbps. It also allows for 10-bit F-Log straight to SD card without the need for an external monitor. Fujifilm has added a 240fps super slow-motion option in 1080p for the most dramatic action footage.

The easily-accessible still/movie toggle on the Fujifilm X-T4.
The easily-accessible still/movie toggle on the X-T4. Image: Fujifilm

Apart from the fully-articulating screen and added slow-motion capture, the Fujifilm X-T4 also switches the metering mode dial for a still-video toggle, making it easy to quickly switch between the two forms of content creation. What’s more, both modes will have their separate settings, menus and Q menu preferences.

New Shutter

Another improvement made to the Fujifilm X-T4 is in its shutter. Now capable of a whopping 15fps continuous shooting with continuous autofocus, the mechanical shutter is also 30% quieter than the X-T3, and is rated for a longer 300,000 shots. The X-T3 could hit up to 11fps and would have been rated for around 200,000 as are most mirrorless cameras.

A fully-kitted video rig for the Fujifilm X-T4
A fully-kitted video rig for the X-T4. Image: Fujifilm

This is made possible by an ultra-fast focal plane shutter that uses a newly-developed high-torque coreless DC motor that also reduces shutter lag to 0.035 seconds.


While large strides have already been made in terms of autofocus capabilities on their cameras, the Fujifilm X-T4 has been enhanced in the face and eye-tracking departments, especially for high frame rate stills shooting.

The unchanged stuff

Otherwise, the X-T4 doesn’t bring that many changes. The 26.1-inch X-Trans 4 CMOS APS-C sensor is still the same. The 425-point phase-detect autofocus system is also the same.

Other changes

In addition to the video/stills toggle, the AFL, AEL and Q buttons on the rear have also been swapped around. Users who prefer the previous layout are able to customise the buttons freely.

The Fujifilm X-T4 in black.
The X-T4. Image: Fujifilm

Alas, despite the video-centric features, the 3.5mm mic jack has also been axed. Instead, Fujifilm includes a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter in its place.

A new film simulation has been included. Called Bleach Bypass, it touts a high-contrast, desaturated aesthetic.

Battery life has always been the Achilles heel of mirrorless cameras, and the X-T4 tries to combat it with a new battery that can provide twice the shots of the X-T4 at 600 versus 300, although sports a CIPA rating for 500. The battery is also bigger, which means your old Fuji batteries won’t work with the X-T4. The battery charger has also been ditched in favour of a more direct USB-C cable.

Put to the eye, the viewfinder now offers boost modes that can either toggle colour and contrast for low-light shooting, or increase frame rate for smoother-looking EVF visuals.

Pricing and availability of the Fujifilm X-T4

Fujifilm expects delays due to the COVID-19 situation now spreading throughout the world. Despite this, it expects the X-T4 to retail by itself at USD 1,699 (~SGD 2,475), as a kit with the 18-55mm lens at USD 2,099 (~SGD 2,934) or the 16-80mm lens at USD 2,199 (~SGD 3,074).

Local pricing and availability in Singapore have yet to be announced. Singapore prices are estimates based on the exchange rate at the time of publishing.

View a gallery of sample images captured on the Fujifilm X-T4 here.

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