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Fujifilm Launches INSTAX Square SQ10 Camera with Square Format Film

Fujifilm has announced its new instax SQUARE SQ10 (“SQ10”), which is the first hybrid instant camera that comes automatically armed with a new square format film, known as the “instax SQUARE Film”. The device is set to be launched on May 19, 2017.

It will be a hybrid device that comes equipped with a digital image sensor and digital image processing technology, both of which will help to greatly improve photographic image quality and allow for convenient image editing before rapid printing. What’s great about it is that this novel system allows for the image quality of instax to be brought to the next level as well as allow photographers to add a creative and artful edge to their photography.


Improved Image Quality

No other instant camera in the market comes with both a digital image sensor and image processing technology. This will help the device take brighter photos in low-light conditions, where most instant cameras suffer. It’s autofocus technology and human detection features alongside its intense macro-shooting abilities which allow for close-up shots from a distance of up to 10 cm makes it quite a technological marvel.

Multitude of Image-Editing Features

By overlaying 3 main functions with 10 striking filters, you can create dynamic expressions of photos and use dramatic vignette effects to control the lighting on the peripheries of your photo.

Some of the coolest effects you can do are for instance, the double exposure effect that can overlap two images onto one film by pushing the shutter twice, while the bulb exposure function is particularly useful for night scenes and light marks.

User-Friendly Interface

Your device will come with an integrated operation dial and buttons on the back and a gorgeous graphic interface with LCD display to allow for swift and convenient image-processing capabilities.

To make shooting easier, you also get an aesthetically-pleasing thin, round camera that’s ergonomically-designed with a symmetrical shape for easy holding.

This allows for left-handed people the opportunity to hit the shutter with their dominant hand and at the same time, work as a function button to switch the shooting mode for right-handed people

The device will be available for S$499 from May 19th onwards, however, you can grab it cheaper online with Shopee for S$399.

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