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Fujifilm Instax SQ6 Review: Instant Photography’s #Throwback Camera

Instax’s SQ6 joins the SQ10 in Fujifilm’s line of square-format instant cameras. The Instax SQ6 however, is completely analogue – unlike the SQ10. It doesn’t have the screen or the manual functions found on its older sibling. It also looks much better than the SQ10 to my eyes. It appeals to what its retro-obsessed young audience wants: nostalgia. After using the camera for a few days and taking a bunch of really unnecessary sub-par pictures, here’s what I think.


Throughout its years, the popular Instax cameras always had a cute and bubbly look. The Instax SQ10 has also followed this adorable design style with its rounded edges, but one thing is for certain, Instax cameras are looking more and more sophisticated.

Be your own judge, but it looks remarkably like Instagram’s logo.

Measuring 118.7 x 128.1mm, this camera fits right into my small palms. The SQ6 comes in 3 different colours: grey, rose gold and the white I received.

The SQ6 is simple to operate – you don’t need to choose any settings for different exposures or turn any dials. It’s fully automatic and you only need to flick the ON switch to begin your square photo-taking frenzy! Like most cameras, the SQ6 has metal loops on both sides to fit in a strap.

The SQ6 is bundled with the standard Instax strap so your camera is secured from the get-go it also comes with a selfie mirror so you don’t have to ask unfortunate (and unskilled) strangers to take pictures of you and your friends. In the box is also 3 flash colour filters that can be attached to the camera’s flash to change the hue of the print.


The SQ6 is really a no-brainer. It’s super simple to operate, here are the steps:

1. Turn on
2. Look in the viewfinder and find your shot
3. Snap!

That’s really all there is to it. The photo will print almost instantly and take a little while more to develop. But that’s the novelty of instant print cameras – the wait to see if the photo shows your pretty face or just a motion blur.

I love the SQ6 because of this simplicity and I feel like it’s a great gift for elders who want to treasure the family moments in physical form. It’s also a good nostalgia item for adults who grew up in the time of instant cameras, and of course, teens of this day (like me) who want the classic instant print photos for home decor and scrapbooking.


The largest draw of Instax’s SQ line is the nostalgia-inducing look of the prints. Unlike the credit card-shaped Instax mini, the SQ6 uses a film pack really hearkens back to the original Polaroid days. It is also quite a bit larger, which means you might be paying a premium for the increase in film format. The Instax Wide films also cost that bit more than regular mini ones. There’s also another issue of demand and supply since most Instax users stick to the smallest format.

These Instax Mini cameras have also gotten much cheaper these days. The Instax Mini film lineup also has a wide variety of versions with cute borders that you can purchase for variety, unlike the square format which only has the basic ones and also a pretty slick black one.

If you really like the 1:1 format, the Instax Share SP-3 Smartphone Printer is a very viable option, especially if you’re aren’t confident with your photography. You can take hundreds of photos with your phone and just print your favourite ones! Also, you have so much more control over how your picture comes out and that’s really important for photos! I’ve done a review for the Instax SHARE SP-3 printer here. Nonetheless, I understand the love for instant print cameras and I think they’re really something special.

For the instant print lovers, the Instax SQ6 retails for SGD219 and is available at all Fujifilm authorised dealers. Grab this beautiful camera now!

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