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FSP introduces Hydro Series 80PLUS Bronze certified PSUs

FSP Hydro Series

FSP has announced a new line of gaming PSUs, the Hydro Series. The 80Plus Bronze certified PSUs deliver 88% peak efficiency and come equipped with a 120mm fan.

The Hydro Series PSUs offers a single +12V rail that provides stability and ease of use. To ensure silent operation, the intelligent fan control adjusts the fan speed depending on the load for optimal cooling performance. While these PSUs aren’t of the modular variety, the included sleek ribbon cables to help ensure a tidy and organized look, at least to an extent. Thanks to the 450mm long 20+4 pin cable, you do have the option of routing all cables through the motherboard tray to minimize clutter and increase airflow inside your case.

The FSP Hydro Series PSUs are claimed to deliver over 85% efficiency over a wide AC voltage range from 160V to 280V. The PSUs are SLI and Crossfire ready and feature over-voltage correction, under voltage protection, and short circuit protection. The 80Plus Bronze certified Hydro Series PSUs are now on sale in the US in 500W/600W/700W versions at a MSRP of $59.99/$69.99/$79.99, respectively. All versions are backed by a 5-year warranty from FSP.

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