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FSP introduces Hydro G 80 Plus Gold PSU with optimized cooling

FSP_Hydro G Series_Modular Panel

Popular power supply manufacturer FSP today introduced the new Hydro G 80 Plus Gold PSU that offers maximized cooling efficiency and a host of impressive features.

The new PSU features a smart fluid dynamic bearing fan that can automatically start when over 30% load and can also stop automatically when the load reaches 20% or lower. This not just helps with cooling but also helps ensure a quiet operation. What also helps with the cooling is the PSU chassis. It acts as a heatsink that is cooled by the system’s airflow to ensure effective heat dissipation. FSP is using internal server grade copper pipes that connect the motherboard and daughterboard and increase conversion efficiency and output reliability to reduce heat.

FSP_Hydro G Series_Front

The new Hydro G PSU features a fully modular design for a clean and simple installation. FSP has included a new cable layout that should help users achieve a neater installation. Another major highlight of the new PSU from FSP is that it’s the first power supply in the market to come with changeable logos. You can choose either a blue, red or green logo. The blue logo comes standard, but if you wish to stick the red or green logo, you can easily do that.

FSP_Hydro G 850W_Acoustic Noise+Efficiency


FSP has announced that the new Hydro G PSU will go on sale by Q3 this year. It will be available in three models – 650W, 750W, and 850W. You will need to shell out $124.99 for the 650W model, $139.99 for the 750W model, and $159.99 for the 850W model.

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