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Frozen Apple iPhone 4 not covered under warranty

Apple iPhone 4

If you are travelling to cold countries where the temperature falls below zero degree celsius (or 32 degree Fahrenheit), remember to leave your iPhone 4 at home. Apparently, if your iPhone got frozen and is damaged due to the extreme cold weather, Apple will not replace or repair it.

It was reported that Norway has reached temperatures below 14-degree celsius in this extremely cold winter. And this was where the iPhone 4 tragedy happened.

Apparently, a user in the Northern Europe country was using the iPhone 4 and realized that the chasis cracked under the sub-zero temperature. When the user went back to the store for repairs, the store refused to help. Reasons being, the iPhone 4 is designed for use within temperatures between 0- to 35-degree celsius and if it is outside of the operating temperature range, the phone will not be covered under warranty for whatever problems that happened.

The iPhone 4 has built-in internal high-temperature protection system. When the phone’s temperature reaches temperature higher than its operating temperature, it will sound out an alarm and automatically shuts down. However, Apple has not incorporated such protection system for the low drastic temperature.

Looks like there is a market for third-party iPhone 4 cover manufacturers to create one that will warm the phone during cold weather conditions.

Source: xda.cn

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