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From Disney with love: Exclusive Japan-only Disney smartphone shows up online

A long time ago, in the digital age much much earlier before, Disney actually had its own line of Disney-themed mobile phones for sale, although the company eventually pulled the plug on it sometime in 2007. And now, four years after Disney has sold its last mobile phone, it appears that the company may just have something in store to make its comeback: a Disney-themed smartphone has been found making its way in…wait for it…Japan.

Speak about ‘Disney’ to any grown adult on the streets and chances are he or she will have no problem remembering some of the most iconic characters in the franchise, such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. After all, most of us grew up in an age where Disney-themed books, cartoons and even candy were immensely popular.

That being said, it should also come as little surprise that many grown-ups now consider Disney merchandise as children-only products. That might be true in most parts of the world, but it is a different story in Japan altogether. Considering that the Japanese are greatly into anything that looks cute, it should be of little surprise that Disney still has a very large following in the Land of the Rising Sun. After all, that can be the only reason why this Disney-themed smartphone will be launched exclusively for the Japanese.

Of course, just having a smartphone with a Disney logo is not going to be enough to attract potential consumers. To retain the certain ‘magical’ feel  that its smartphone needs to have against the competition, Disney Japan has announced that the smartphone will have various custom Disney wallpapers preloaded into it, while emoticons bearing Mickey’s and Minnie’s likeness will also be available for users who love to spam smiley faces on emails and SMS-es.

That being said, the Disney-themed phone also packs some decent specifications. Granted, it may be using the older Android v2.2 operating system (aka Froyo), but Disney claims that the smartphone will sport a built-in high-definition 9.6 megapixel camera and Flash will be preloaded into the OS for a full web-browsing experience right out of the box. However, the real deal lies in the display used: apparently, Disney has pulled out all the stops by settling for a 3.8-inch screen capable of displaying 3D content without the need for active-shutter glasses. Now that ought to give this Disney-themed phone that certain magical appeal that all its characters possess.

Last but not least, the Disney-themed smartphone will have six different cases for consumers to choose from, as shown below.

No details about pricing has been announced, but chances are this smartphone will not come cheap, simply because it packs a 3D display which is conveniently absent on just about every smartphone today in the market today. What we do know though, is that Disney Japan intends to release the smartphone for sale by February, so you have ample time to beg a Japanese friend to get it for you when it hits retail.

Reference: Disney Japan

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