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Fresh reports peg fingerprint sensor-toting Galaxy S5 for late April 2014 launch

To make it crystal clear we know nothing for certain on Samsung’s Galaxy S5 yet, rumor now has it the super phone will only land in April 2014 and sport fingerprint recognition technology.


Which part is more surprising? I really can’t decide, but ultimately both could be bogus. The ETA, debunking so many recent reports of a precocious S5 launch set for January or February, comes from notorious Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin, the editor-in-chief of Mobile-Review.com.

Notorious but also controversial and not always spot-on with his Samsung-related predictions. On the one hand, he did get it right as to the plastic casing of the S4 when many tipsters claimed Samsung was to go the aluminum road, while on the other he hilariously suggested the S3 was to rock a ceramic exterior.

Either way, he’s known as a guy with plenty of inside connections, so it’s not so improbable he’s on to something here. Even more intriguingly, Murtazin adds fuel to the old F Series fire, saying the super-premium line is indeed real, though only in development for now.

There are a number of theories regarding “Project F”, the most logical one being Samsung will ultimately opt to roll out the basic GS5 in plastic and this advanced thing in metal, possibly with a few hardware upgrades on top.


Moving on to the fingerprint gossip, the scoop comes straight from the horse’s mouth, yet it’s not entirely believable. Johan Carlstrom, CEO of Fingerprint Cards, says he “expects” (translation: hopes) Samsung to launch one or two phones with touch fingerprint sensors in 2014.

Carlstrom doesn’t mention S5’s name (or Project F’s), however if Samsung is to use the technology, it’ll definitely do so on one of its high-enders. But what makes the story hard to buy is the reputation of this Fingerprint Cards company, which is accused to have been behind the phony rumor of Sammy’s interest towards purchasing it.

In a nutshell, Johan Carlstrom may know nothing and simply try to score some free publicity for his firm. As for S5’s spec sheet as a whole, availability and pricing, the sole certainty is there are no certainties.

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