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Fresh report pegs Samsung Tizen launch for March 2014

As we leave CES 2014 behind and close in on the Mobile World Congress (MWC), it’s not just Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors that grow in intensity, but also gossip regarding the oft-delayed Tizen launch.

Samsung Tizen

Samsung and Intel’s passion project, once viewed as a potential fierce competitor for the Android-iOS duopoly, was at one point said to have gone down in flames before it could even come into being. But the speculation got squashed almost instantaneously, putting “Redwood”, the name of Samsung’s Tizen-running prototype, back on the table.

Still, it’s been a bumpy road from concept to reality for the mobile OS, and the worst thing is the latest timeframe is unsubstantiated hearsay as well. It originates from Japan and claims to be based on sources close to Samsung, NTT DoCoMo and other Asian carriers and manufacturers. So it sounds legit, however it could well be fabricated.

Taking the optimistic approach to the story, we should expect Samsung to make an announcement ahead of MWC in February. So in a few weeks. By March, Redwood or a different Sammy-made phone is to go up for grabs, alongside a couple of Tizen-powered handhelds from Fujitsu or Huawei.


At first, these will focus on Asia and the continent’s craving for an Android and iOS alternative, but ultimately they’re bound to take Europe by storm too. America? That’s probably a little ways down the road. Even if the rest of the schedule and the most optimistic forecasts pan out.

As for the possibility of the Galaxy S5 running Tizen, let’s just say it’s about as realistic as “the next big thing” going official with on-board iOS. How about subsequent Galaxy S releases? Well, I wouldn’t rule anything out, as the leader of the global smartphone world is destined to take its fate into its own hands one of these days and stop depending on Google’s Android. The million-dollar question is when.

Sources: Phone Arena, Mainichi Japan

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