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French student has people begging for his ‘backside’ aroma

Have you ever wonder how the town of Montcuq smells like?  If you do, then you’re in luck.  You can now buy a can of the town’s air for the low, low price of €5.50.


Antoine Deblay, a student from the town of Montcuq in southwest France, is making headline for selling his town’s air.  The ‘100% bio product’ supposedly ‘immerses you in the depths of the city to refresh your ideas.’  Deblay claims that he received over 1,000 orders within the first week of availability alone.  With a profit margin of around 60%, if ‘Air de Montcuq’ continues to sell well, Deblay may soon be able to skip school and go straight to retirement.

The air-in-a-can product also has a humorous side story to it if you’re familiar with the French language.  According to Orange, non-French speakers tend to mispronounce Montcuq by saying ‘mon cul’, which roughly translates to ‘my backside’ in English.

When you put two and two together, you can see why the ‘Air of my backside’ is such a popular product.

Deblay is currently shipping the air in a 250ml tin container for the price of approximately $7.50 plus shipping.

Source: Business Insider

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