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French Company Releases Military-grade, Ultra-Dense OLED Screens: 2687 and 5374 PPI!


If you never heard about a MicroOLED, think again. Based in the heart of French Silicon Valley, next to SOITEC and STMicroelectronics, MicroOLED is creating next-gen OLED display for professional devices.

While the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was all about large, consumer-oriented OLED panels as the LCD-succeeding technology, one of promises of OLED technology is the creation of extremely dense displays, driving sky-high resolutions.

For an example, create a mental image in your head: when somebody tells you 1280×1024 or 2560×2048 pixel resolutions, by default you will imagine a computer monitor or a TV.

However, French company MicroOLED is creating ultra-dense OLED displays which do not exceed 1.55cm in diameter. That's correct, 0.61 inch diagonal gets you an OLED display with a massive pixel density of 2687 PPI (Pixels-Per-Inch)! The product doesn't stop there – since it utilizes a technology very similar to Samsung's AMOLED (four "pixels" per pixel: Red, Green, Blue +one pixel for lighting), we're talking about 5.24 million pixels driving a resolution of just 1.31million pixels (1280×1024).

If you don't require color, you can acquire a sample with double resolution: 1280 becomes 2560 and 1024 becomes 2048 for a total resolution of 2560×2048 (5374 PPI), all while being driven through a digital connection.

If you ask yourselves what is the practical application of this technology, the answer is quite simple: the products are all passing military-grade requirements. The displays are intended for use with night vision systems (goggles), pilot targeting systems – but there is civilian use as well. According to the manufacturer, the target application also are head-mounted surgical displays for neurosurgeons, heart surgeons etc, as well as electronic microscopes, professional camera and camcoders and so on.

If you're interesting in acquiring a sample of the product, be warned – it is not "affordable", and not for playing around. You can contact Sophie Vincent at inf[email protected]. If you're interested in receiving more information about these amazing OLED displays, visit www.microoled.net.

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