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Foxconn’s dual-core Xiaomi smartphone shows up in Beijing

Most people will probably associate Foxconn with hardware components such as motherboards, but it seems that the Taiwan-based manufacturer has since decided to make a name for itself in the lucrative smartphone market by releasing a handset which will reportedly be sold under its own brand. And the name of the company's first attempt at a smartphone that will soon be released for sale? Why, the Foxconn Xiaomi, of course.

We have heard of various Chinese brands such as Meizu, ZTE and and even Huawei making the leap and offering its smartphones up for sale globally under their very own brands, and this latest piece of news seems to confirm our suspicions that there is indeed a market for low-cost smartphones. Apparently, Foxconn, a well-known supplier of computer hardware, has decided to branch out to selling smartphones under its own banner as well, and its first such product will be the Xiaomi, as shown below.

Details about the Xiaomi are scarce, but according to a report published by GizChina, the smartphone will offer consumers a choice between two dual-core processors of differing clock speeds, namely 1.2GHz and 1.5GHz. While no information about the Xiaomi's support for 3G wireless connectivity, along with its memory and onboard flash storage capacity has been released at this point of time, what we do know from old reports is that the smartphone will reportedly make use of a four-inch Super LCD panel that sports a maximum resolution of 854x 480 pixels.

Last but definitely not least, GizChina has claimed that the Xiaomi is slated to be released for sale some time in October this year at the price of US$310. And yes, the fact that it is due for a release in October puts it in direct competition with the likes of Apple's iPhone 5, Huawei;s Blaze and Meizu's quad-core MX smartphone.

*Update: It runs out that there has been an error in this report. While the smartphone will indeed be produced by Foxconn, it will not be sold under the company's banner. Rather, the phone's actual name is the M1, and that it will be sold by a mobile apps vendor known as Xiaomi Tech. We apologize for the inaccuracy.

Source: GizChina

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