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Foxconn ships 1.4 million iPhone 5S units to China Mobile ahead of launch

The shipment of more than 1.4 million iPhone 5S units to one carrier is deemed to be quite substantial.


Apple’s much rumored deal with China Mobile was finally confirmed late last year. It had been rumored for months that the company’s two new iPhones will be launched on the world’s largest mobile carrier, which boasts more than 750 million subscribers. This is the first time that China Mobile is officially going to carry Apple’s smartphones, despite the fact that its rivals have done so for quite some time. It has already started taking pre-orders for both smartphones, ahead of the launch that’s scheduled for January 17.

A new report claims that Foxconn, Apple’s major iPhone manufacturing partner, last week delivered over 1.4 million iPhone 5S units to China Mobile. The initial shipment volume certainly does not represent total sales to be generated by the carrier, but it does indicate just how much demand China Mobile anticipates for the flagship iPhone. This particular shipment is only for meeting demand in January, sources aren’t aware as yet what the volume of the next shipment to China Mobile is going to be.

Analysts expect that on China Mobile alone, Apple can sell up to 20 million iPhones within this year, which would certainly boost its market share in China and put a lot of green on its balance sheets.

Source: WSJ

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