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Foxconn reportedly hiring 90,000 workers ahead of iPhone 5S mass production

It is being reported that Foxconn, one of Apple’s biggest suppliers based in China, is hiring 90,000 new workers as it looks forward to begin mass production of Apple’s next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5S.


It is believed as of now that Foxconn is tasked with mass producing the iPhone 5s. Apple is rumored to be releasing two iPhones this time around, a low cost offering known right now as the iPhone Lite. Pegatron is believed to be mass producing the iPhone Lite, the supplier started hiring of some 40,000 new workers back in away ahead of an expected ramp in production orders for Apple’s low cost iPhone.

Apple is expected to announce both new iPhones at an event in September. It is not known as of now exactly when these new iPhones will be available in the market. Recent rumors have suggested that due to production issues, Apple might release iPhone Lite first. It is expected that iPhone 5S may be released in the market in October. Nothing’s known for sure right now though, Apple is yet to confirm if it has one or two iPhones up its sleeve.

Early this year Foxconn had implemented a hiring free as a large number of workers returned from Chinese New Year holidays. After a few months it started hiring once again in anticipation of the upcoming ramp in production for Apple’s next generation iPhone.

[Source: Focus Taiwan]

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