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Foxconn reportedly halts iPhone 5C production at one factory

Amid mounting rumors of iPhone 5C production cuts, it is being said that Foxconn has stopped producing the plastic iPhone at one of its factories in China.


Time and again it has been said that the iPhone 5C has not been performing well in the market. As a result of this, Apple is having to cut down on production. The company’s primary manufacturer for the iPhone 5C is Pegatron, which according to recent reports, is only producing 80,000 units per day as opposed to 320,000 per day last month. Foxconn is Apple’s secondary manufacturer for this product, and it was said to produce only 8-9,000 units per day, and if the report about production being halted at one facility is true, then the number might fall even further.

The report cites several industry sources which claim that Foxconn will stop production of the iPhone 5C at its factory in Zhengzhou, northern China. It further says that Foxconn is shifting the manufacturing capacity to produce more units of the iPhone 5S, which is said to be in high demand. As a result of high demand, Apple has been rumored quite a few times to have boosted production of its premium smartphone.

While Apple continues to strike gold with the iPhone 5S, up till now it appears that the iPhone 5C hasn’t performed as per Cupertino’s expectations. Perhaps that’s the reason why Apple’s mum about its sales figures.

Source: Digitimes

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