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Foxconn hiring 3000 engineers to develop Firefox OS based apps

The Taiwanese manufacturer, Hon Hai aka Foxconn, will hire almost 3000 engineers to work on the development of the devices powered by the Firefox OS.


We already know that the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer electronics – Foxconn – was working with Mozilla to launch the first Firefox OS based devices. The hiring scale has gone up to 3,000 compared to the announcement which was made earlier this month, when the company said that it will hire almost 1000 people to develop HTML5 based Firefox OS applications.

If you don’t know, Foxconn has been one of the major assembler of Apple devices, the task which has been shared with Pegatron lately. But now, the company has decided to work more on Firefox OS and said it would launch more than five Firefox OS powered devices, including a tablet as well. These devices will not be directly sold by the company, but will be distributed by the OEMs.

The companies who are willing to launch the Firefox OS powered devices include Alcatel, Zte and Huawei, which will be sold at over 18 different carriers from different parts of the world.

There is no exact date about the availability or pricing of the devices but we can expect them to launch by the end of this year. Earlier, the company said that the devices would hit the market in June but that information seemed to be incorrect. In response, Mozilla said that the release dates depend on the partners.

What do you people think? In such a strong competitive mobile OS market, can the Firefox OS survive and give competition to giants such as iOS and Android?

Source: TaipeiTimes

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