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Foxconn gets green light to mass produce iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S

Apple is reportedly going to unveil and subsequently release two new iPhones next month. As per a new report, Foxconn has received the green light from Apple to start mass producing both iPhones, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C to be precise.


Foxconn is Apple’s primary manufacturer based in China which is tasked each year with producing iPhones in huge quantities, apart from other Apple products. There have already been a lot of leaks concerning both iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Given the release timeframe, which is less than a month away, it makes sense for Foxconn to ramp up production right now.

The iPhone 5S is not expected to come with any significant design changes, it is said to look exactly like the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5C is a whole different story. Said to be manufactured from polycarbonate, this low cost iPhone is supposedly going to be available in a variety of color options. We’ve seen different purported casings which reiterate this possibility. Time and again Apple has been rumored to unveil both smartphones together at an event next month, but for now the company hasn’t said anything about its plans for next month.

Earlier today an analyst speculated in a note to investors that production issues might mean that Apple would be able to ship less iPhone 5S units this quarter as compared to iPhone 5C units. In that note as well, the analyst corroborates recent rumors that both of these smartphones are going to be launched sometime next month.

Source: [Wall Street Journal]

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