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‘Forza 6’ gets inspiration from ‘Drive Club’ rain mechanics

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Turn 10 Studios is hell-bent on turning the Forza franchise into the undisputed king of automotive racing simulations.

The 6th installment, Forza 6, will put heavy emphasis on subtle details such as how rain interacts with a car’s maneuverability and even the sounds they produce when the machine meets the elements.

Forza 5 was an extremely well-crafted racing sim and arguably the most well-rounded game in its category.  As far as the game’s mechanic go, however, it still lacked somewhat in the weather department.  This time around, Turn 10 Studios is taking a page out of sims such as Drive Club and putting emphasis on subtle mechanics like rain-car interaction.

In addition to a better weather system, Forza 6’s AI will reportedly be much more competitive—something Forza players have asking for.

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