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FormBox – A Portable Desktop Vacuum Former

In this week’s ‘Crowdfunding Campaign Of The Week’, we feature FormBox. It is an ingenious vacuum former which revolutionises the way we think and go about printing or making little 3D projects at home. While 3D printers print out a figurine or item based on a 3D image rendering, FormBox is however more hands on since it taps on vacuum forming technology, requires no technical expertise to operate, just a ton of creativity.

FormBox 2

Vacuum forming is a method of manufacturing where heated sheets of plastics are formed into 3D shapes via vacuum, and is commonly found in large scale industrial manufacturing. FormBox has tapped on this technology and shrunk it down small enough to fit in the home or office environment. This particular reinvented system draws its suction power from the simple household vacuum cleaner to form your items.

Making a cactus pot

It is a simple 5 step process to get to your desired project ‘built’ without any training or complex procedures to follow:

  1. Select a type of sheet you want your mould to be made with.
  2. Choose the 3D item you want to make a mould of and place it on the FormBox’s bed.
  3. Turn on the heater to heat up the sheet.
  4. Pull the heated material over the 3D item and turn on the vacuum cleaner to get your desired mould.
  5. Tadah! Your work is done and all that is left is to trim away the excess material.

FormBox works well with sheets of material that are classified as thermoplastics. Some examples of these include Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), Polystyrene (PS), Polycarbonate (PC), Polypropylene (PP) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).

FormBox 3

Fill your FormBox mould with almost anything and everything you can think of, from jello, chocolate and ice to resin, concrete and silicon – the possibilities are pretty much endless and only limited by your creativity. Think about making the most epic or fancy jello castles for a friend’s potluck or even small household decorations all customised to your whimp and fancy.

Each FormBox purchased comes with a companion online platform named Mayku Library, it gives you access to sample projects, a peek into what others are making and is also a shared community space, where you can upload your designs to share them with like minded hobbyists.
FormBox 4

Availability and Price

The basic pledge packages for the FormBox starts at SG$ (US$349). The package includes the main vacuum body, 30 sheets of material for forming and a starter kit. International shipping incurs an additional flat rate charge of SG$ (US$30). Orders all look to be fulfilled by May 2017, a relatively long wait time but we are pretty sure it is well worth the wait for something this innovative.

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