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Forget about the One Max: waterproof HTC Butterfly 2 coming January 2014 with S800 CPU

Though unannounced and unreleased, HTC’s biggest and baddest phone yet, the One Max, is already shaping up to be a lemon for speed addicts.


Sure, it will come with fancy fingerprint recognition technology, plus a huge and crisp display and plenty of RAM to go around, but chances are it won’t use the sizzling hot Snapdragon 800 SoC. Instead, a passé S600 (or even more dated S4 Pro), which pretty much spells mid-range power nowadays.

Logically, that makes us look towards HTC’s future for another high-end contender with One’s looks and particular set of skills. That is, if HTC still has a future in the mobile business and they’re not doomed to fall in a dark pit of despair, next to the likes of BlackBerry.

Believe it or not, the Butterfly line, so undervalued and overlooked on the Western hemisphere, could provide HTC with a much needed saving grace, as the Butterfly 2 is rumored to see daylight next January with… Snapdragon 800 heat. And 5.2-inch Full HD screen, and water protection.


Whoa, that’s actually a fantastic set of skills, especially the waterproofing part, which hasn’t really been HTC’s thing so far. But I’m confused. Wasn’t it rumored that Qualcomm refused to supply the Taiwanese with S800 chips for the One Max because they were all of a sudden unimportant in the grand scheme of things?

And if that’s the case, what’s the logic behind giving them these super-hot CPUs for a member of an Asian-exclusive family? True, the Butterfly and Butterfly S have been selling rather decently in Japan and Taiwan, but it’s hard to believe a global device can’t pull off better numbers than a local product.

Anyways, maybe this all means the Butterfly 2 will enjoy a wider launch than its forefathers. Now if only we could get the scoop on its other features, particularly the software, camera and battery parts. Soon…

Sources: Android Beat, ePrice

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