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Forget Indian Android Ones, Lenovo’s A2010 offers 4G LTE at $77

Labeled the nation’s cheapest LTE-capable smartphone, the 4.5 incher also stands out with up-to-date software and an adequately speedy processor.


To gain a better insight into Google’s struggles to make stock members of the Android One family prevalent in emerging Asian markets, we present you the Lenovo A2010. Lackluster name aside, the entry-level handheld is a great representation of the reason Western brands don’t stand a chance in the uber-competitive Indian mobile landscape.

Though not exactly the world’s least competent gadget, the A2010 costs the measly equivalent of USD 77 on Flipkart. That’s Rs. 4,990, or around 1,000 Rupees shy of Micromax Canvas A1’s current tag through the well-known e-retailer.

Granted, the A1 has the theoretical advantage of being serviced directly by Google in the software department. But until Marshmallow comes, Lenovo’s ultra-low-cost challenger starts on equal footing with the OG, both running Android 5.1 Lollipop.


Meanwhile, the fundamental hardware difference is one phone supports 4G LTE network speeds, whereas the other doesn’t. Can you guess which is superior from a connectivity standpoint? That’s right, the cheaper device.

For $13 less, you also get twice the internal storage space (8 vs 4GB), a newer, 64-bit-enabled quad-core SoC, heftier 2,000 mAh battery (compared to 1,700 mAh), and an arguably prettier exterior. If this is what Lenovo meant by product portfolio restructuring, we want some on the Western hemisphere as well.

Coated in your choice of black or white, the Lenovo A2010 is only available for pre-registrations at the moment, with actual sales slated to begin September 3. The wait seems worth it nonetheless, with the rest of the features completing a very respectable picture, all things considered.

You’ve got your 854 x 480 pix res screen, 5 MP primary camera, 2 MP front snapper, dual SIM capabilities, microSD card slot and so on and so forth.

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