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Force Touch for new iPhones seemingly confirmed

Code discovered in iOS seems to suggest so.


For a few months now it has been rumored again and again that the new iPhones due this September are going to feature Force Touch, a technology that Apple debuted with the Apple Watch. There has been some evidence to support this theory but nothing overwhelming enough to make us certain that this is indeed going to happen. However there has been another development in this seemingly never-ending quest to find out whether or not the new iPhones have Force Touch.

A snippet of code in iOS has been discovered which appears to point towards the possibility of Force Touch being present on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The code was discovered by an iOS developer called Hamza Sood and he says that Apple appears to have “tested kb trackpad gestures on the 6s, activated via force touch.”

The code mentions enabling deep press functionality and given that there’s no such declared feature on existing iPhones one can only assume that it has something to do with the feature that many are waiting to arrive on the iPhones. Apple is obviously tightlipped on the matter and we can’t expect the company to say anything before the actual event, some suggest the new iPhones could be out in the second week of September.

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