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FLIR C3 is a rugged portable thermal camera

Thermal imaging company FLIR has introduced a new portable camera called the C3. The camera has a built-in thermal imaging scanner, and is targeted at home inspectors and contractors. The device can be used to find heat leaks, detect moisture, or any electrical problems, and the unit has a three-inch touchscreen and Wi-Fi that lets users transmit images to their handsets.

From FLIR:

Designed to be the go-to tool on the job, this dedicated, compact, rugged thermal camera fits perfectly in your pocket and is great for building inspection, facilities maintenance, HVAC, or electrical repair.

With a three-inch touchscreen and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, the FLIR C3 allows you to quickly share captured images and video with employers, customers, and colleagues to save time and improve productivity. Connect the FLIR C3 to a smartphone or tablet with the FLIR Tools Mobile app, and instantly transfer images, build a report, and send them off without leaving your jobsite.

The FLIR C3 has professional level features like those found in higher-end FLIR thermal cameras, like on-screen measurement tools. Using the C3’s Hot Spot or Cold Spot feature, you can quickly measure within a defined area box. The camera will display a spot meter, as well as the maximum or minimum temperature, so you can instantly see where it’s the hottest or coldest.

The FLIR C3 includes both the FLIR Lepton thermal micro-camera and a visible camera. Through FLIR’s patented MSX® technology, we emboss the thermal image over the visible image to create a crisp, fully radiometric image.

The FLIR C3 will be up for sale in the first quarter of 2017 for $699. The device will be sold through established FLIR distribution partners and directly on FLIR’s website.

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