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Flight simulator player puts a real 737 cockpit in his home

So you think your triple screen flight sim setup is amazing…Think again, because it’s nothing compared to this man’s homemade cockpit of a 737.


40-year-old bartender Laurent Aigon, along with the help of some friends, spent thousands of euros over a span of about five years to obtain the necessary parts, and bit by bit they pieced the cockpit together until it became the master piece that it is today.


The impressive 737 cockpit is wedged in between a closet and a bunk-bed in his kid’s room, but that shouldn’t matter to the kids if they can brag about having a life-size airplane cockpit in their room.

Aigon’s passion for planes and flying began when he was 12 when he would spend countless hours watching planes land and take off at a nearby airport, but unlike his passion for taking off and landing planes, Aigon lacked the passion to follow through with further schooling to become an actual pilot.  So at 40, Aigon and his pals are still doing what kids do best, and that’s use their imagination—albeit with some more sophistication and funding at this stage.


What’s next for Aigon? Reportedly, now that he has experience in building a flight sim cockpit, the 40-year-old is thinking about pursuing a career in professional cockpit building to train professional pilots.  That, however, will require Aigon to take a couple courses (and then some), but hopefully he’s serious about it because we all know this man has got some serious talent.

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