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Flatness is the latest in-thing for Microsoft

Now, that might sound so wrong, but the teaser photographs Microsoft have released are probably the best examples of its new interest. But the burning question still remains: what is that mysterious flat device which Microsoft is trying to show off here? One thing is for sure though: it looks rather sleek.

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If you had been keeping up with Microsoft’s twitter feed, chances are you would have come across these pictures in the past few days. Apparently, the software giant’s designers have been busy with some new hardware, and are excited enough to start teasing its followers with cropped images of the mystery product.

Like all good teaser images should, Microsoft had deliberately cropped just enough of the image to keep it both identifiable and yet not-so-identifiable (the irony)at the same time. And like the curious people we are, we could not help but start throwing wild guesses at what this mystery device may be.

And to add onto our anticipation, Microsoft also saw it fit to give a ‘hint’ about the device’s identity. This is what the hardware team reportedly said:

Here’s a hint for you. Don’t be so touchy…flat is where it’s at.

Discounting the fact that Microsoft’s hint sounded very wrong on many levels (we will not go into that territory), we have to admit that it does look…well…rather flat. Okay, make that ‘sleek, elegant and flat’.Guess Microsoft was just stating the obvious in the latter part of the hint.

But touchy? Now that is something worth looking into. Still, if we had to guess, that might just happen to be Microsoft’s very own, in-house designed prototype for a self-branded Windows Phone 7 phone similar to that of Google’s Nexus One. After all, what else could it possible be?

Source: SGCafe

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