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Flagship Intel Skylake-S Core i7-6700K CPU gets benchmarked


As we head closer to the expect Skylake announcement date, more details about Skylake chips are starting to appear. A few weeks back we saw the first benchmarks of Intel Skylake desktop CPUs, today new benchmark results of the flagship Skylake-S Core i7-6700K CPU have surfaced on the web.

The benchmark results published by CPU-Monkey include Cinebench R11.5 single and multi-core, Cinebench R15 single and multi-core, Passmark CPU Mark, and Geekbench. All of the benchmarks compare the upcoming Skylake Core i7-6700K to the Core i7-4790K. In both Cinebench R11.5 and R15 benchmarks, it can be seen that the Skylake microarchitecture doesn’t seem to offer significant gains in single-core performance but multi-core performance does show a good improvement.




The Passmark CPU Mark benchmark also seems to show a relatively good improvement when compared to the Haswell refresh ‘Devil’s Canyon’ Core i7-4790K processor. Geekbench 3 however, doesn’t show a significant improvement as the i7-6700K manages to score only marginally higher scores compared to the i7-4790.

Source: CPU-Monkey

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