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Five Gadgets That You Can Buy For the Same Price as Apple’s Book

When it comes to Apple these days, the jokes really do write themselves. The tech giant, synonymous with chic design aesthetics, has announced a book. It’s 300 pages of self-indulgence, with no words, only pictures of admittedly lovely gadgets from Apple’s 20 years. Where have we seen something like this before?

Nope, can't think of anyone. Image courtesy: Youtube
Nope, can’t think of anyone. Image courtesy: Youtube

Even better, the book carries Apple’s signature high price of S$425 for the large size book. You can’t even get it in most locations because it’s limited run. So do yourself a favour; don’t spend the money on this book. Here are gadgets you can get for the same price to scratch the nerd itch.


Image courtesy: Drones World
Image courtesy: Drones World

Think of it as a child at Christmas. You wake up, rush under the tree to get your gift. You tear the packaging apart, and you feel your heart sink as you see a book. What would your inner child want? A drone, that’s what. What’s more, you can get one for far below the price of the Apple book. The Syma X8g (pictured above) for example, is only S$160. Yes, you need to pay to ship, but even then you could buy two and still have some spare change. Plus, with the 8MP camera, you can take your own pictures of your Apple products in far more interesting shots.


Image courtesy: Sony
Image courtesy: Sony

It’s Christmas soon, so that also means that it’s game glut season. Now is as good a time as any to get on the current generation of consoles. While the next iteration is coming soon for Xbox and is on our doorstep for PlayStation, unless you have a 4k TV, you’re fine with what is currently on the market. And, at this current time, a 1TB Xbox One is S$379, so you can even get a game with it. The PlayStation is a bit pricier at S$449, so it is more than the book, but this will probably drop soon when the Pro comes out. It’s also an excuse to think about getting into VR.


Image quality: Dailymotion
Image quality: Dailymotion

If you’re interested in this Apple book thing, you are definitely into technology. You should know then that a good screen costs a fair amount. So, why not splurge on that instead of what will definitely be a regretful purchase in a few months time? You can get a 24 inch full HD monitor for far less than that book, and there are so many options it’s really up to you to choose. If you still want to look at pictures of Apple products afterwards, you now have a nice screen to view them on!


Image courtesy: Sound Guys
Image courtesy: Sound Guys

Since the ‘bravery’ of Apple to release their latest set of phones without the audio jack, you’re probably in the market for new headphones. You also seem to have a good amount of money ready to pay for a picture book, so what about paying it towards high-quality headphones instead? Bowers and Wilkins, who make fantastic headphones, for example, are selling their P3 on-ears for S$259. Or Bose, who’s Bluetooth over-ear Soundlinks are S$369? This might seem like a lot but think about it for two reasons. One, the sound quality is incomparable to ear-buds and are a must if you really want to enjoy your music or video. Two, it’s better than spending S$425 on a book.

Fitness Tracker/Smartwatch

Image courtesy: Gizmodo
Image Courtesy: Gizmodo

If you are anything like me, the new year is the time you take to start your yearly routine of trying to get fit. To make sure you actually stay on track, now might be the time to invest in a fitness tracker. No, not an Apple Watch, they are far too expensive. Not Fitbit either, because their products are terrible. There are plenty of options, however, from Garmin to Misfit, Actxa to Sony, there are so many options, and just about every single one is under S$425. Some are even waterproof, and track steps, heart rate, dozens of exercises and have been proven to help with fitness. So get out the house and show off your new fitness toy, instead of being stuck at home with that book.


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