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Every year IFA, Europe’s largest consumer electronics show, holds a global press conference in mid-April and welcomes over 300 journalists to attend market analyst predictions and power briefings from key vendors.

Here’s five cool gadgets showcased at the 2017 IFA GPC that will be out within a few months!


Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Headset

Sennheiser’s co-CEO Dr. Andreas Sennheiser was on hand at the IFA GPC to present Sennheiser’s AMBEO 3D audio technology, a new audio ecosystem to capture, process and record binaural sound for immersive surround sound experiences. As Dr. Sennheiser put it “Watch a movie without sound and you get visual information, listen to the sound without images and you’ll still get emotion.” Dr. Sennheiser also showcased the second AMBEO device – the AMBEO Smart Headset for consumers that will enable users to record binaural sound onto a normal audio or video file that can then be experienced with any ordinary pair of headphones. The AMBEO Smart Headset will be available in May for iOS devices only, with an Android OS version available in the third quarter of the year.


Samsung The Frame TV

At the IFA GPC this year Samsung released more information about their upcoming The Frame, a slim TV panel designed to lift television viewing into a more artistic atmosphere by encasing a flat panel within the confines of a picture frame. When set in Art Mode the Frame displays art work, with over 100 such pieces to choose from or cycle through, and users can even choose the best picture frame to best match their home decor. When mounted on a wall The Frame presents a smooth no-gap mount, with just a single flat ‘Invisible Connection’ to the power socket.


Porsche Design Book One

German industrial design house Porsche Design are well known for their premium industrial design, and have designed everything from smartphones to sunglasses to… Porsche sportscars (of course). The Book One on the other hand is the company’s first foray into computers, but it’s more than just a laptop. The Book One is a two-in-one convertible can not only fold into a slate form thanks to two VarioGear hinges that were inspired from the manual gearbox of a sports car, it’s screen is also fully detachable and can be used with a stylus as a tablet. At IFA GPC Porsche Design revealed that the Book One would go on sale in Europe and Hong Kong in late May, followed by the rest of the world by end 2017.


PowerVision PowerRay

Bored with the dozens of flying drone models now on the market? Why not try diving into a whole ‘nother world with the PowerVision PowerRay. Yes its an underwater drone that can travel down to about 70 metres, which is the length of its umbilical cable and cruise at up to 4 knots for up to 2 hours. The PowerRay syncs with a pair of VR goggles so you can get a sub’s eye view of the underwater world, plus you can equip it with a fish-finding sonar, a video camera that can shoot up to [email protected] videos. You can even attach your fishing line and bait to the PowerRay and target a specific fish! The PowerRay goes on sale in select countries from mid-year.


Dirror Digital Mirror

Dirror is a mirror with quite a bit extra – tap the glass and it becomes a touchscreen tablet! Available in small, medium and large with three different wood finishes, The Dirror can be set up to look just like a regular mirror or as a photoframe, but it is a full Atom-powered  Windows tablet so you can customise it to display your favourite apps, and as it has speakers and an audio input you may soon be able to ask it questions by saying “Dirror, dirror on the wall…”


Shawn Chung
The Editor

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