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More than just a regular fitness wearable, the Fitbit Charge 2 is perhaps Fitbit’s best fitness wearable to date. Aside from the basic heartbeat monitoring, automatic sleep tracking, pedometer and waterproof features, the Charge 2 is also capable of keeping you connected on-the-go. That is right, it is able to notify you of calls, text or calendar alerts, when connected to your Smartphone via Bluetooth, this is a significant upgrade from its predecessor.

Charge 2 Product Family Photo.

The wearable itself might not be much to shout about, but ask any fitness wearable owner and they will tell you that Fitbit’s companion mobile application is what makes them great. Works for both Android and iOS devices, the application can be easily found on Google Play or Apple App Store. Syncing with your Smartphone is quick (less than 5 minutes depending on how often you sync your device) and simple, via Bluetooth. Once paired, its easy-to-use application will allow you set-up your preferences, see real-time updates, plan diets and browse easily through your fitness history among other features. 

For those who are slightly fashion conscious but still want to track your fitness in style, you be glad to know that the Charge 2’s straps are interchangeable and come in many colour options. Available in two main variants, the Classic and the Special Edition. The Classic comes with a silver face and a choice of black, blue, plum or teal straps. The Special Edition on the other hand, comes in either gun metal or rose gold. All straps are made out of a flexible, durable elastomer material – think sports watch but minus the latex. 

I had the chance to review the Charge 2 for about 2 and a half weeks. Overall, it has proven itself to be a reliable and tough fitness wearable for everyday use. Here is a low down on what I feel makes the Charge 2 great and maybe not so great.


The Good

  • The Charge 2 is capable of accurately monitoring heart beat, even when it is worn loosely around your wrist.
  • You will be able to see your fitness progress in easy to read charts and its home page provides a comprehensive overview of your day’s progress once it syncs with your Smartphone.
  • It has a really long battery life! I managed to last about 4.5 days on a single full charge, during which I even synced the Charge 2 to my Smartphone twice.
  • I have really sensitive skin. Previously I have tested a few other fitness wearables but gave up within a day or two because they gave me a bad rash. With the Charge 2, I did not face any skin irritation problems at all – even when I wore it for more than 12 hours a day. 

The Not So Great

  • As great as this fitness wearable is, it does not have an in-built GPS function, which means you have to bring your phone along in order to track your running route. This can be slightly annoying if you like to run with your hands free and without additional weight.
  • If I had to add another thing to add to this list, it would be that the Charge 2 may not for those who are not tech savvy. If you are thinking of getting this for your elders, I would advise you to come up with an instructional video. There is only 1 visible button and the device relies mostly on tapping its screen to navigate through its menu. This can be slightly difficult for them to gasps – trust me on this, I tried getting my grandmother to use it and failed miserably.


Final Verdict

I think what many forget is that, the Charge 2 is first and foremost a fitness wearable and not a Smartwatch. It will not allow you to reply texts or answer phone calls, but what it would allow you to do is track your exercise regime and health accurately without hindrance. The Charge 2 may be slightly more expensive than what you can find on AliExpress or even Xiaomi, however its features and companion mobile application really make up for it.


Availability and Price

The Fitbit Charge 2 is available in Singapore and can be found at major consumer electronic shops and other authorised dealers. The Classic currently retails for SG$248 while the Special Edition goes for SG$298. Matching accessories like its interchangeable bands are going for SG$49.95 each and the leather bands go for SG$109.95.

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