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Fitbit Announces Accessible, Affordable Versa Lite, Inspire, Ace 2 Wearables

Fitbit has announced the availability of a line of new products, intended to increase accessibility and affordability to a larger audience. The new Fitbit Versa Lite Edition, Inspire and Inspire HR trackers, and the upcoming Fitbit Ace 2 wearables offer a greater range of options for users.

With the latest slate of launches, there is a Fitbit for everyone. Image: Fitbit

As one of the world’s leading manufacturer of wearables, Fitbit’s wealth of holistic data collected on its smartwatches and trackers lends deep insight to health issues trends. For individuals, an upcoming design change of the Fitbit mobile application will make data more customisable – and make it easier to understand their health information.

The Fitbit product lineup with the Spring 2019 launch. Image: Fitbit

The Fitbit Versa, which was the brand’s first move into the smartwatch category, is now available at a lower price point with the Fitbit Versa Lite Edition.

Designed for everyday use, the Fitbit Versa Lite Edition (SGD 248) retains a 4+ day battery life and swim-proof form-factor. It also keeps the core functionality of the Versa, such as PurePulse 24/7 heart rate monitoring, Sleep Stages tracking, more than 15 goal-based exercise tracking modes and relative SpO2 sensor.

The new Versa Lite Edition provides the essential functions at a lower price point. Image: Fitbit

The Fitbit Inspire HR (SGD 158) packs 24/7 heart rate monitoring in a slim tracker form factor. Based on its predecessor, the Fitbit Alta, the Inspire HR also tracks all-day activity, exercise activity and Sleep Stages automatically. With more than 15 goal-based exercise modes and connected GPS, the Inspire HR is designed to work seamlessly for a wide variety of individuals.

The Fitbit Inspire HR in Core White and Metal Mesh Rose Gold – perfect for both work and play. Image: Fitbit

At an even lower price point is the Fitbit Inspire (SGD 118), which provides the essential features for users. Automatic activity tracking, exercise and sleep tracking, along with goal celebrations, Reminders to Move, and smartphone notifications – all accessible on its touchscreen interface. The Inspire features a 5-day battery life, and is swim-proof.

The Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR comes in a sleek tracker design perfect for all-day wear. Image: Fitbit

The Fitbit Ace 2 (Price & Availability TBC) reaffirms the brand’s commitment toward inclusivity. Aimed at kids of around 6 years and up, the Ace 2 encourages a healthy, active lifestyle from a young age. It features a bumper design that protects the display, while a wide variety of bold, attractive colours and patterns ensure there’s a design every child will love.

The Fitbit Ace 2 is aimed at children aged 6 and over, with a bold, kid-friendly design. Image: Fitbit

Animated watch faces and motivating challenges also encourage children to engage in a more active lifestyle. Parents can also be involved in their child’s activities by setting up a Fitbit family account.

The Fitbit Versa Lite Edition will be available in white, lilac, mulberry and marina blue, with additional straps available at SGD 49.90, which include the above colours with the addition of scarlet.

Fitbit has also introduced hybrid woven bands that feature attractive fabric design with underlying silicone material to ensure the straps remain hygienic. These will be available in navy and pink, navy and mulberry, navy and orange, and black and gray. All straps are compatible across the Versa family line of smartwatches.

Fitbit’s Ace 2 reaffirms the brand’s commitment to inclusivity. Image: Fitbit

The Inspire HR will be available in black, lilac, and two-tone black and white, while the Inspire is available in black and sangria. Accessories for both devices are available in classic stain-resistant silicone, in black, lilac and white, classic elastomer sangria, and in printed lilac bloom and soft pink deco. More fashionable options such as premium Horween leather straps, along with new double wrapped saffiano bracelets, stainless steel metal mesh bracelets and a clip option (exclusive for the Inspire) range from SGD 34.00 to SGD 99.00

The Ace 2 is slated for launch later in 2019, and will come in watermelon with teal clasp, or night sky with neon yellow clasp. There will be added options in addition to the above designs in grape, and printed bands available also.

All devices will be available in Singapore through retailers such as Axtro Sports, Best Denki, Challenger, Courts, Harvey Norman, Metro, e-Gadgets and Lazada.

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