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The first Xbox One steps off the assembly line and into the limelight


Microsoft reveals a lime-flavored status symbol

Anyone who’s been paying attention to Microsoft’s bid in the next-gen war knows that their contender, the Xbox One, continues the sleek, embossed look originally instilled by the refined Xbox 360 model. Xbox has always been a distinct and distinguishable brand that’s embedded itself in our psyche in no small part due to its recognizable color set–for this year Microsoft has gone with jet black and lime green.

In a recent Tweet, Major Nelson has showcased this green glow with the very first Xbox One off the assembly line, which is packaged in a verdant shade instead of the onyx tones associated with its Launch Day box.

In the update Major Nelson disclosed that Microsoft’s Phil Spencer would be taking it to this year’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2013) to show it off. The Tokyo-based event is one of the last opportunities where both sides in the next-gen war–Sony, who will be on their home turf with Microsoft playing visitor–will exchange blows and duke it out for dominance of the venue.


While the colorful Xbox One box is an interesting spectacle that stands apart from its sable cousin, the console-maker will have to have more than a green box to win over the crowd.

The prop is mostly symbolic and represents the first retail unit off the line and will most likely be kept as a status icon, akin to the very first original Xbox or its one-upper the Xbox 360.

Microsoft is set to present their stance in the next generation of console gaming in Tokyo, where they will most likely tout the various features of the Xbox One with perhaps a few policy reveals and, of course, exclusive game demos.

The Xbox One is slated to release across numerous markets on Nov. 22, 2013 for a price point of $499. For more information be sure to check our recent coverage or visit Microsoft’s official Xbox Wire.


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