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First Windows 10 vulnerabilities tackled in August Patch Tuesday

Some things never change, apparently, and Microsoft’s practice of issuing security updates for its software products on the second Tuesday of every month looks to be one of them.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is a triumph of stability, functionality and productivity with minimal bells and whistles (welcome back, Start menu), as the vast majority of early adopters can attest to. Crashes and system freezes are a thing of the past, while Edge comes dangerously close to Chrome’s minimalistic design and so far unrivaled speed.

But by no means is the new desktop OS build perfect… yet. Certain glitches feel inherent this soon after 10’s general dispatch, and a few of them have already been ironed out as part of the latest security bulletin release, colloquially called Patch Tuesday.

When W10 was still in relatively early stages of beta testing, rumors were making the rounds regarding the prospective cancelation of the long-standing program. In lieu of monthly bug fixes, sources said, Microsoft would simply send out individual updates dealing with specific vulnerabilities whenever the timing felt right.

Patch Tuesday

Ultimately, Redmond decided not to mess with tradition… yet, and assembled a collection of over a dozen patches for Windows, Office, Server Software, .NET Framework, Lync, Silverlight, Internet Explorer and even Edge malfunctions.

In total, there are 50+ separate issues regulated, including a few that concern the biggest Windows renovation effort to date. Critical security flaws involve nearly the entire software portfolio of one of the world’s largest corporations, previously leaving users susceptible to remote code execution.

Not anymore, thankfully, and let’s hope MS will continue to show the same dedication to Windows 7 and up going forward. By the way, in case you’re wondering, Windows 10 has already eclipsed version 8 in global usage stats from StatCounter, rapidly closing in on XP and OS X as well.

On August 12, 10 accounted for almost 5 percent of worldwide desktop use and around 6 percent in North America, above XP, Vista and 8 and only behind 7, OS X and 8.1.

Sources: ZD Net, Computer World

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