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First Tizen Smartphones from Samsung to run on Exynos 4 chipsets

A new report suggests that the first Tizen 2.0 powered Smartphones from Samsung will run on the company’s own Exynos 4 chipsets.

Samsung Tizen 2.0

It looks like Samsung’s upcoming Tizen 2.0 powered Smartphones will run atop the in-house developed Exynos 4 chipsets, at least that is what yeilded from a quick look at the Tizen repository by news site Techtastic. The Tizen repository mentioned support for only two Samsung chipsets, namely the Exynos 4212 (dual-core) and Exynos 4412 (quad-core). Both the SoCs are powered by ARM Cortex A9 CPU cores and ARM’s Mali400 MP4 GPU. In case you’re wondering where you’ve read about these chipsets before, the Exynos 4212 powers the Samsung Galaxy S2, while the Exynos 4412 can be found inside the Galaxy S3.

Tizen Exynos

So what implication does this new finding have? Only that the first Samsung Tizen phone, I8805 Redwood or I8800 Melius, might end up with a quad-core Exynos chipset alright, but won’t be able to match the raw performance offered by 2013 flagship Smartphones like the Galaxy S4, HTC One or even the Xperia Z. Even then, the HTML5 powered Tizen OS might not be half as much heavy to run as Android is, and even with the relatively slower hardware, could possibly end up breezing past the fastest Android phones (see iOS or Windows Phone for proof).

Here’s a guy eagerly waiting to get a look at the first Tizen powered phone. Hurry up Samsung!

Source: Tizen Review via Techtastic.org

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