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First official third-party lightning accesories to be released by Belkin


Belkin has announced the first official third party accessories for Apple's new 'Lightning' connector. These include an updated version of Belkin's popular car charger, and a Charge + Sync Dock.

The Belkin Car Charger for Lightning will cost $29.99, and includes a four-foot Lightning cable, and over-voltage protection. This charger is an updated version of Belkin's best-seller car charger for 30-pin connections.

Belkin Car Charger for Lightning

The Belkin Charge + Sync Dock includes a foldaway auxiliary jack, cable channel, and removable magnetic base. The device is compatible with cases. It does not come with a Lightning cable, but is intended to be used with Apple's official Lightning connector cable.

Belkin Charge + Sync Dock


“Belkin was the first third-party manufacturer to develop accessories for the 30-pin connector back in 2003, and we are thrilled to be first to market again with solutions for the new Lightning connector,” said general manager of Belkin’s core division, Martin Avila. “People are eager for Lightning accessories and Belkin’s give them a reliable way to keep their new iPhone 5, iPad 4th generation, iPad mini or iPod touch charged, protected, and ready to go."


The two devices will go on sale mid-november.


Lightning is the way the every iOS users syncs data to his devices, whether it be movies, music, games, etc. – or at least, that's certainly what Apple would like.


Apple's former 30-pin connector proved relatively easy to imitate for Chinese manufacturers, who then sold cheap imitations on the Internet for pennies. With the new Lightning connector, this is far more difficult to do thanks the addition of a security chip. Of course, imitation isn't impossible, and some have already figured out how to do it. But, in theory, the likelihood of this happening should be reduced by the security measures in Lightning.


Apple doesn't mind third-party accessories, but it wants to approve them first through its Made for iPhone (Mfi) program. Of course, for consumers, this means no real competition to Apple's official chargers, since Apple will obviously be making money out of these deals, and therefore virtually setting the prices.


But it will be nice to see some variety available for iOS devices, besides Apple's fairly black and white official lineup.


Source: AppleInsider

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