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First Looks: GIGABYTE G1-Killer Assassin (Intel X58 Express) Motherboard

A closer peek at the Assassin’s expansion slots reveals the PCI Express x16 slots are actually electrically x16, x8, x16 and x8 in that order. There are also two PCI Express x1 slots and one PCI slot.

You can run up to 4-way AMD CrossFireX in x8/x8/x8/x8 or 3-way NVIDIA SLI in x16/x8/x8. If you are planning on a 2-way CrossFire or SLI setup, be sure to use slots 1 and 3 for maximum bandwidth.

4-way NVIDIA SLI with four GeForce GTX 480 graphics cards is not supported as you will need to have two NVIDIA NF200 bridge chips onboard in order for the display driver to enable the 4-way option.

Another 4-pin 12V molex is located just above the first PCI Express x16 slot to provide more power to multi-GPU setups.

Plug ’em in! If your power supply unit (PSU) has two 8-pin ATX12V leads, the G1-Killer Assasin will take them both!


Apart from the five-LED bling bling on the IOH’s heatsink, there are many other LED indicators on the board itself. These two sets of LEDs provide real-time reporting of processor voltage and temperature.


Moving further south towards the edge of the board, there are more LED indicators for frequency and operational phases.

An iTE IT8275E chip (located on the right end) controls phase switching on the Assassin.


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