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With its flagship looks, impossibly thin bezels, OPPO’s newest phones, the OPPO R15 and R15 Pro are now available for pre-order! We got an opportunity to check out the all-new OPPO R15, and here are some of our first impressions of the sleek and sweet, sweet-looking device.

The Screen

The device came in OPPO’s aesthetically-pleasing minimalist white box with OPPO branding. In the box, you’d find your papers, along with a pair of earphones, adapter and a SIM card ejection tool. I beheld the Micro-USB charging cable, slightly confused after dealing with USB-C terminations the past year. No big deal, we had been using those for about a decade by now. The OPPO R15 and R15 Plus support VOOC Fast Charging for its 3450mAh battery. It’s really fast, and the capacity is enough for power usage about exactly a day.

It comes with a case. I love it when they include a case in the box.

The Screen

The first thing you’ll notice about the R15 is the almost bezel-less screen and notch to forget… the notch. The R15 is the first phone to achieve a 90% screen-to-body ratio with its 6.28-inch AMOLED display.

The Camera

All your selfies will now be crystal clear with the R15’s 20 MP f/2.0 front-facing camera. You can now avoid overexposed and badly-lit photos with the R15’s sensor HDR (High Dynamic Range) Mode: your selfies can still be perfect even in poor lighting conditions! The rear camera unit sports a dual lens set-up: a 16 MP  and a 5 MP sensor, coupled with two lenses at f/1.7 and f/2.2 for excellent depth-of-field effects. The Sony’s IMX519 sensor sports Phase-Detect Autofocus, along with a 1.22μm pixel size for best-in-class low-light performance. Both the cameras utilise AI technology, and here’s the scoop on what it can do:

  • Detect the perfect lighting conditions for your face with OPPO’s new algorithms, you can choose which type of lighting you want. From natural light to film light for all your superstar needs. With enough patience, I found that it worked acceptably. It recognised most facial features and the light seemed to play sufficiently naturally around those. The selfie-centric OPPO would without a doubt be improving the firmware with regular updates, I believe.
  • Identify 120 scenes and automatically optimize the camera to suit each individual scene (I’ve tried this with food and a bevvy of other situations and boy does it work smoothly!) The tags on the screen will give you feedback on whether or not your R15 recognises something. 16 tags are currently supported, including food, landscapes and pets.
  • Group beauty mode! Cut out the time you spend editing your skin to perfection with instantly flawless group photos in a variety of conditions with the AI-augmented camera. OPPO claims that the AI identifies the age and gender of up two four individuals, optimising settings and processing to bring out the best in the photo.  Tested, this feature definitely does much better at smoothening out blemishes and whitening skin than an overzealous amateur roughing it out in Snapseed, so points to OPPO!
  • AR stickers are also available to adorn your many selfies, adding some spice Honestly, there isn’t much of a selection, but what they have currently is a pretty decent pack of cute, basic ones. Hopefully, Oppo will be adding more in the future.

The Phone

The R15 sports double-sided glass surfaces on an aluminium frame to give you a pleasant and comfortable grip. The colours for the R15: Rouge Red, Nebula Purple and Frost White along with the Pro’s colours were all designed in partnership with the internationally famed designer, Karim Rashid. The phone looks gorgeous with light shining on it from different angles. My R15 in nebula purple looks black most of the time, but when the light hits it in the right spot a beautiful deep blue is seen.

Face Unlock + Hardware

By using the camera to collect 128 facial points, the R15’s face recognition is super speedy and is able to recognise your face in 0.08 seconds. I’ve been using the face unlock feature and I can say, it really is smooth and fast! The R15 is equipped with 6GB RAM (DDR4) and its CPU is an MTK Helio P60 it has 256 GB of expandable storage and comes with our long-forgotten friend, the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with the R15 and I can’t wait to try it out in greater detail so I can write the full review for it. The OPPO R15 is available for preorder from today, 10th May 2018, at a price of SGD749. You may pre-order on their Facebook page.

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