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First Look at the Asus Rampage III Extreme Intel X58 Express Mainboard

Premium mainboards have always been part and parcel of the hardware enthusiast’s wet dream. Join us as we unpack this piece of engineering art! 

It will be almost a year before Intel’s next-generation Highend Desktop (HEDT) surfaces. For now, the Tylersburg platform remains the only viable option to highend personal computing using LGA1366 Intel Core i7 processors. Intel X58 Express mainboards will continue to be in demand for HEDT integration.
Knowing that the first wave of Intel X58 Express mainboards have yet to satisfy the demands of the enthusiast crowd, mainboard manufacturers like Asus, Gigabyte and Microstar (MSI) are all delivering “extreme” versions of X58 Express mainboards. Asus is one of the first to “deliver the goods,” and that is why you and I will be looking at one mighty fresh Rampage III Extreme today.
Let’s get down to some pictures:

Most of us would probably have visited PC hardware stores at some point or another in our quest for a better PC. Notice that there always seem to be a lack of shelf space? You have to blame it on “luxury” hardware packaging like the ones used by the Asus Rampage III Extreme mainboard. Located on the top rung of the price ladder, hardware buyers expect exclusivity in the the product they buy. Such expectations naturally extend to demands placed upon the feel, and wow factor of the product packaging.
Does the Rampage III Extreme ooze the looks of a million-dollar mainboard? You bet!
It is good to see the two-part polyethylene clamshell mainboard packaging being abolished in favour of a more biodegradable option. What is the use of power-efficient mainboards when it comes packed in a ton of plastic?
Accessories are packed in a separate compartment away from the mainboard itself. Pretty tidy, if you asked me. Now the real deal…
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