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First-gen Moto X owners, your Lollipop update is weeks away… probably

The happy news comes from one of the device manufacturer’s senior executives, so there’s no turning back now… hopefully.


It’s no big secret Motorola’s had trouble stabilizing and optimizing the freshest flavors of Android for a number of older and newer handhelds, despite most of them running very close to stock software.

Granted, 5.0’s defective memory management and rapid battery depleting instances were chiefly generated by Google’s faulty source code itself, so at the end of the day, Moto’s woes are probably far from shocking.

Then there was a problem with the Snapdragon S4 Pro-based but custom-made X8 chipset inside the original Moto X, which for some reason delayed the ancient 4.7 incher’s update beyond the limit of everyone’s patience.

Assuming you didn’t all throw away your two year-old 720p, dual-core phones when seeing KitKat was refusing to hit the bricks, your suffering may be over soon. As early as next week in France and Germany, according to Motorola Director of SW Product Management David Schuster, and the following week in the US and Brazil.


The latter deadline is slightly trickier to meet, given one last round of testing is required before Moto’s engineers sign off on the rollout, and said soak trials haven’t begun yet. Meanwhile, (some) Europeans can already try on Android 5.1 for size if they’re rocking 2013 X editions, “with the expectation of full deployment” in a matter of days “if all goes well.”

It better go well this time, Moto. People have had enough, waiting for Material Design goodies since November 2014. And while we’re on the subject, don’t forget about the non-stock but much newer and higher-end Verizon-exclusive Droid Turbo. Like the OG X, the eight month-old battery champion will skip Android 5.0 and go straight from 4.4 to the latest, greatest Lollipop version: 5.1… eventually.

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