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First-day Samsung Galaxy S5 sales trump S4’s numbers, S5 Active nearly confirmed

Defying lukewarm critical reception and accusations of being “more of the same”, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has reportedly enjoyed a remarkable start at the box-office, edging out GS4’s first-day sales numbers with ease.

Galaxy S5

Sell it, and they will come. Regardless of growing competition, a somewhat underwhelming design and, let’s face it, middling hardware specifications, Samsung’s “next big thing”, the Galaxy S5, looks like a blockbuster in the making.

Early, no doubt preliminary reports out of Korea claim most European countries, where the S5 has been available beginning last Friday, have seen Samsung flagship smartphone sales leap 30 to 100 percent compared to last year.

In other words, the S5 has in certain markets doubled down on S4 orders in the opening 24 hours. And mind you, the GS4 in turn improved on initial S3 demand.

Galaxy S5 sales

Making matters sweeter for the world’s most popular smartphone manufacturer, total Galaxy S5 sales are said to have crossed the one million mark already. Of course, none of this is official, and because it comes from Korea, Sammy’s homeland, extra caution is advised.

Granted, stories, documented with pictures and video recordings, of people flocking to stores in Paris, Amsterdam or London, seem to lend the report some credence, yet all in all, it’s probably best to wait. After all, Samsung isn’t known for its modesty, so if there’s anything record-breaking about GS5’s sales, we’ll find out soon.

Galaxy S5 water

On a somewhat unrelated note, you can say the handheld’s rumored Active flavor is today moving one step closer to reality thanks to @evleaks. The reputable industry insider has brought to light a thorough list of all the APKs (application package files) found on board the S5 Active, so it’s essentially a matter of time until the rugged gizmo will go official.

Presumably, with extra ruggedness, better water and dust protection, as well as no fingerprint recognition technology, as per the unearthed APKs. Probably, no heart rate monitoring either.

Sources: BGR, ZD Net Korea, Twitter

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