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First Apple Watch game mockup

Here’s what games look like on the Apple Watch.


It has been a few months since Apple opened up the WatchKit API to developers so that they can start building their apps and games. However not much has been seen up till now and one of the major reasons behind that is the fact that the Apple Watch is yet to be released.

Game developer NimbleBit is developing a game for Apple Watch and it has shown the first mockups of this new game, giving us an idea of what similar apps might look like on the Apple Watch. The smartwatch will come preloaded with certain native apps like Mail, Messages and others.

Users will be able to download additional applications and even though most developers haven’t shown off their creations as yet undoubtedly many of them are working on new experiences which will be unveiled when the Apple Watch is finally released.

NimbleBit’s new game called Letterpad will be available on both iOS and the Apple Watch. Players will be provided with a grid of nine letters from which they have to make words related to a particular topic.

Its simple games like Letterpad which would make sense on the Apple Watch. This device doesn’t have a big battery, it needs to be charged nightly, and the relatively small screen real estate makes it impossible to get real gaming done, but games like Letterpad will feel right at home.

Source: TouchArcade

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