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First advertisement for Motorola’s Moto X phone has surfaced

It looks like the endless “X Phone” saga may finally be coming to an end as Motorola beings advertising its upcoming device.  The ad also includes a possible hint that might confirm some rumors.

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It wasn’t too long ago when Motorola at the D11 conference confirmed that the heavily rumored X Phone, now known as the Moto X, would be releasing before the end of the Summer. Before then we were subject to many rumors that ranged from ridiculously optimistic all the way to a little disappointing. Whatever the truth is, we may not have to wait for too long.

A new advertisement from Motorla is expected to run on various publications such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Washington Post, and you can check out the new advertisement below:


Rumors have suggested that certain aspects of the phone like the color of the casing for instance will be completely customizable upon ordering your device. The advertisement seems to confirm something along this line by stating that the phone will be “Designed by you. Assembled in the USA”. There was also word that it may be waterproof and the two people jumping into the water might be hinting at that as well.

It remains to be seen how much we’ll be able to customize the Moto X or whatever other features we’ll be able to choose from but it shouldn’t be too long now before the company decides to make an official announcement.  As for pricing, Motorola has hinted that it will be priced low and if the rumored specs of dual-core processor, 720p screen, 10 megapixel camera, etc… are in fact accurate, then it does make sense for it to cost around the same price as the Nexus 4 or possibly less.

We’ll have to continue waiting to learn more but it’s nice to see things starting to shape up.

Source: Ad Age

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