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FiresVR Develops Chinese-Based Competitor to GearVR

FiresVR, a company based out of Beijing, China, launched their first high-end head mounted display for virtual reality.

Previously, Chinese manufacturers focused on creating headsets to compete with Google Cardboard.  This time, FiresVR plans to compete with the Samsung GearVR.

Called the JiDome-1, the headset has an optical structure adapted to screen sizes of all mainstream mobile phones, a 9-axis gyroscope and proximity sensor, interaction buttons, and an air-cooling system.

According to FiresVR founder and CEO Frank Lou,

JiDome-1 is technically very close to Samsung’s GearVR. But unlike GearVR, which only supports Samsung phones, JiDome-1 is compatible with extensive Android phones with designated parameters. Still lacking support from key mobile phone manufacturers, JiDome-1 is slightly inferior to GearVR in user experience, but the gap may be closed if mobile phone manufacturers are willing to cooperate.

This particular head mounted display is considered the development kit and is currently being sold for $30.  The full consumer version’s price has yet to be determined.

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