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Firefox is planning a 64-bit browser

Mozilla is planning to launch a 64-bit version of Firefox early next year. This should improve stability and speed for the browser.


Firefox is today available only in a 32-bit version. With both Chrome and Internet Explorer offering 64-bit versions, Mozilla seems to have fallen behind in the browser race. Until now, that is. The company has just announced on MozillaWiki,  that they are planning to release a 64-bit version next year for Windows. This is apparently after several years of experimenting with 64-bit software.

So why is this big news? Firefox is already a good browser; does this really change the game enough to warrant headlines? Firefox’s product manager Javaun Moradi thinks so: “64 bit is incredibly exciting to those of us who understand what it offers in stability, performance, and security. We’re the minority. Most of the world has no idea what 64 bit means. They can already do everything they want to do online. Many will only notice 64 bit if their experience breaks. Our job is to deliver the benefits—even if they’re invisible—and avoid the breakage.”

Indeed, Google would agree with that sentiment as well. In August, they posted on Chrome’s blog that “64-bit Chrome offers many benefits for speed, stability and security. Our measurements have shown that the native 64-bit version of Chrome has improved speed on many of our graphics and media benchmarks.”


The Firefox Browser

The Mozilla blog also states that they are implementing a 64-bit version, partially in case Microsoft decides to retire 32-bit in the release of Windows 10. Another focus is to stay relevant in the browser based gaming industry.

The broser is set to release at the end of March next year. Rob Williams, from HotHardware however, points out that if you really want a 64-bit version of Firefox today, you can get one: “A 64-bit version of Firefox hasn’t been hard to come by up to this point. A visit to the project’s nightly channel could have hooked you up with what you needed, and alternative browsers based on Firefox have also made 64-bit available to users. With the fact that an official stable 64-bit Firefox is en route, though, it’s a solution that fans of the browser can truly trust.”
Source: MozillaWiki

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