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Firefox 5 to be officially released in June this year?

Seems like the good folks over at Mozilla are not going to be taking their time with new browser releases now the the browser wars are starting to heat up yet again. According to some development notes left in the browser's GIT repositories, users might be able to see a brand new version of Firefox make its way out of Mozilla's development labs by as early as June this year, or only a mere three months after Firefox 4 was launched back last month.

Getting used to the various new features introduced to a web browser that was only recently updated will probably most average users some time to pull off. After all, most browser updates usually introduces some minor changes to the user interface, and that alone will require some time for users to familiarize themselves with. And that does not include other under-the-hood changes which users need to get acquainted with as well, such as new privacy features and more extensive user-customizable settings, among many others. 

However, it seems that all of that will no longer be a factor when it comes to Mozilla's new release schedule for its Firefox web browser. According to development notes hosted on its GIT repositories, version 5 of the Firefox web browser will feature a much shorter development phase: this is due to the fact that Firefox 5 lacks what the Mozilla team calls 'development overlap' with Firefox 4.

However, it should be pointed out that this accelerated development schedule only applies to Firefox 5, and that Firefox 6 will revert back to the old schedule, where each phase of the cycle will undergo six weeks of development:

Last but not least, the nightly builds for Firefox 5 have reportedly been made available for public testing already. While the builds have been signed off as being nothing more than alpha releases of Firefox 4.2, we have got word from TechCavern's report that these builds are actually the pre-release versions of what will eventually be known as Firefox 5. Of course, these builds are also highly unstable due to the fact that they have not been tested, so download at your own risk; we cannot be held responsible for computers and the data residing within its hardware going up in smoke at the click of a mouse button.

Source: Mozilla Github

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