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Firefox 4 Beta For Maemo And Android Released

While it is usually easy to download and install an alternative web browser on a desktop or notebook PC, the same usually cannot be said for smartphones, due to the smaller variety of browsers available for the mobile platform. But that is set to change though: the popular Firefox browser is now available for both the Maemo and Android operating systems, albeit as a beta.

Most people usually have little problem with the browser that is pre-installed in their smartphone’s operating system. However, those who prefer to use a browser of their choice will probably have something to look forward to. And that is because the first beta of the popular Firefox browser is now available for both the Maemo and Android smartphone operating systems.

According to the official Mozilla blog, the beta of Firefox 4 was developed with a focus on performance and responsiveness. This has resulted in the introduction of two features, Electrolysis and Layers. Electrolysis, which first debuted in the alpha versions of browser, allows the “browser interface to run as a seperate process from the one rendering web content”.

Layers, on the other hand, is a new feature unique to the current beta. Mozilla claims that Layers improve overall performance in the browser’s graphical interface, which in turn enhances the user experience.

For those interested, the beta version of Firefox 4 is available for download at http://www.mozilla.com/m/beta.

Source: The Mozilla Blog

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