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Finnish conduct raid on 9-year-old, confiscate laptop

Finnish police recently conducted a raid against a little 9-year old girl, confiscating her Winnie the Pooh laptop after the family refused to pay a fine for internet piracy charges.

At 8 am on a weekday morning in Finland, there was a knock at the door of an ordinary family home. When the door was opened, the family was greeted by the police, who conducted a raid on the home, seizing evidence of an internet piracy charge, including a Winnie the pooh themed laptop belonging to a nine year old girl. The raid was conducted after the Finnish CIAPS anti-piracy group determined that copyrighted material had been downloaded illegally from the residence.

As it turns out, the nine year old had been trying to download a song from Finnish pop star Chisu on the Pirate Bay, and the family had subsequently been charged a €600 fine. The father in the family had refused to pay the fine, citing that the download hadn't worked and that he had taken his daughter down to the store in order to buy Chisu's CD instead.


Pictured above: Violent criminal


The Finnish authorities didn't seem to buy this explanation (or they didn't care), and so decided to simply raid the family's house instead. The nine year old's father tries to explain their side of the story: "We have not done anything wrong with my daughter. If adults do not always know how to use a computer and the web, how can you assume that children or the elderly – or a 9-year-old girl – knows what they are doing at any given time online?"

He also comments on the tactics employed by CIAPS and the police to stop piracy "This is the pinnacle of absurdity. I can see artists are in a position, but this requires education and information, not resource-consuming lawsuits,"

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