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Find New Places to Eat, Drink and Chill with Google Explore

When we think Exploration, we think maps. However, Google is thinking bigger. It’s fitting Google Explore, into your search engine. According to a latest update from Google, the Explore feature, that used to be exclusive only to Google Maps, is now available on desktop search results.

So if you’re a foodie, then when you search “chicken burger,” you’ll notice a carousel-style widget placed under a new heading with the title, “Discover more places”. Interestingly though, it doesn’t seem to work for all searches — not for now at least. The search term “chocolate cake,” didn’t yield “Discover more places” results. It’s sad though, that we were really craving for that cake today.

If you do hit the jackpot on a particular search term Google has associated with the Explore feature, you might be able to click through one of the options. After which, you’ll be directed to a Google Maps-style user interface, where you will be provided a list of places to hit up and enjoy your night.

Actually if you didn’t notice, Explore for search has be around for quite some time now. In fact, at least for a few weeks since it’s started to roll out in the start of January this year (it’s mobile version appeared in October last year).

It is only available in for searches regarding food and drink for now and to use it, you would have to set U.S. English to be your default language.

“Google is committed to helping people find the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and useful information, so they can make the best decision on where to go. And we’re always working on new ways to help improve that experience for our users.” – A Google Spokesperson

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