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Final Fantasy XIV sees 1 million beta registrations

To say that this title has had a troubled past would be a severe understatement. With that said, it’s back and apparently better than ever and it looks like fans are ready to give it another go.


Good news for those wondering whether or not interest would wane on Square’s recently revitalized MMO. The company has recently announced that the beta alone has seen 1 million registrations. As a quick refresher, the game was originally launched and then shut down because of many complaints about the subpar quality of the game.

After what feels like forever, the game is almost ready to be consumed by the general public on both PC and Playstation 3 on August 27, and even Playstation 4 fans will get a chance to play it sometime after that. Fan reaction to the changes from what I’ve seen and what has been reported is very positive. If you’re interested in the beta you can still sign up in North America and in Europe.

With the release just over a month away and thinks looking rosier, you may now begin to get hyped.

Source: IGN

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