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Final Fantasy IV headed for iOS December 20th

Final Fantasy fans can rejoice – Square Enix has hinted that the game will be available on December 20th on the iOS. Just in time for Christmas!

Phone-based gamers and Final Fantasy fans will be happy to know that Final Fantasy IV will be released for iOS within the month – December 20th, to be exact. Though there wasn't an official release announcement from Square Enix, both the publisher and iTunes have advertised for the game on their respective websites.

Now, the game is technically a remake of the original – it will have additional content in the form of mini-games, bug fixes, and other improvements. The game will even have 3D graphics and a new translation. Not bad for a iOS release, considering the version for the Nintendo DS was released all the way back in 2008.

There's a bit of sad news when it comes to Android owners, as the game will not have the same release date for them. They'll be getting the short end of the stick, as the release date is lost somewhere in 2013. Not a great Christmas for Android owners.

The price may be a little off-putting – once the initial launch price has ended, it's estimated to go up to a little over $17. That's quite a bit to be set back for an iOS game, especially not an original game. Perhaps Square Enix thinks it'll really draw in the crowds. Or the niche group. In any case, the fellow over there are trying to weigh things out by cutting prices of other final Fantasy titles. If you head over to the App Store, you can see that FF1 and FF2 are both only $4 instead of their normal $9. A bit of relief on the wallet, but doesn't quite make up for the loss on the new release.

Check out the App Store on December 20th if you're interested – you can get that gamer in your life a nostalgic gift they'll enjoy… and if that gamer just happens to be you, so be it!

News Source: Phones Review and EGM Now

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